Friday, February 24, 2012

Super CRM

My wife and I listen to only a few radio stations on a regular basis; national public radio, a political affairs talk station, and during the football season, a sports station. Listening takes place mostly in the car dropping the kids off at school or picking them up later in the afternoon.

We had our preferred programs and looked forward to hearing from our favorite hosts. One day, to our dismay, a favorite radio talk-joc was missing. We waited a couple of days to determine if this was just a temporary situation or to see if she was assigned to a different time-slot. Nope. She had totally vanished.

My wife fired off an email inquiry to the station with little expectation of receiving a reply. Low and behold, within three minutes she received this reply:

Thanks for the note (my wife's name),

It was very  tough to part with (radio personality).  She is a personal friend and has been part of the station for almost 10 years.  But, we have been asked consistently by the listeners for more live and local coverage.  This does that.  Also, (replacement personality) has a national profile and we will be increasing the amount of national guests on her show.  Also, (another personality) will be doing more issues based content, especially in the 3pm hour. Things won't be the same without (radio personality) for sure, but we hope they are better over time. 

Thanks for listening, I really appreciate it.
Program Director

Wow! Great customer relationship management (CRM).

Following are some of the outstanding aspects of this reply:

  • My wife's email received a response in three minutes!
  • It was personal. Note the phrase "She (the radio personality) is a personal friend..." The Program Director recognizes that this radio personality was important to the us and wants us to know that she was important to him as well. This establishes a nice "bridge" of empathy.
  • He provided a cogent rationale for the change and attempted to relate it as a benefit to the listener.
  • He concludes with another personal comment - "Thanks for listening, I really appreciate it." This seems genuine, sincere.
Strive to be timely, personal, genuine and empathetic in your communications with supporters. You're likely to get a wow response too!

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